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Wire Bead

Putting together the delicacy of colors and randomness, Kinderena has brought a superb Wire Board fun module for kids where they are free to move colorful beads in random paths. Thus they develop sharp hand and eye coordination, conceptual power and mental activeness. Striking and interactive structure of this fun board has an appeal to attract kids to offer them a high dose of entertainment. While kids keep playing with these modules, their parents and your staff can easily interact with each other in an effective manner. Our game modules deliver a friendly waiting area for children.

The fun will go zooomm when delicate fingers of lil champs move on colorful beads of Kinderena Wire Bead Games- zig-zag, circular & random paths makes thing more engaging for the brats and cuties. Wire bead is an interesting game revolving around the concept of assembling same colored beads together, thus building the physical motor skill of the young patrons. In interactive wire. It is a perfect game module to accelerate physical and mental skill of kideez while proffering them a recreational package.