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Crazy Mirror

Anything unusual yet funny is fair enough to elate children. Kinderena’s Crazy Mirror is a hilarious game to recreate kids by exhibiting turned and twisted reflections of their own. Kids will have fun watching funny image reflection on this specialized mirror which will bring them happiness, thus enhancing blood circulation in their body, making them healthy and glowing. Such games keep them busy, while their parents can easily complete their regular errands in any space. Kinderena game module also extends a great helping hand to your working staff, as they get healthy work environment when kids do not disturb them while interacting with their clients.

Crazy shapes, sizes and twists with reflections drizzling out the fun factor…. yeahh, this exactly happens when a child watches his weird but funny image reflection on our Crazy Mirror Game. Giggling voice will get even louder when chubby cheeks might Shrink to a thin sheet and pointed nose might Swell like a balloon. It might make you look TALLER or make your face bludgeoning as if hundreds of honey bees had kissed you together. Kinderena Crazy Mirror Game gives ever cherishing happy moments to kids as well as adults. It keeps the chilled engaged while parents can complete their regular errands at any spot.