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Make your Store Popular with Family Indoor Play Area

Make your Store Popular with Family Indoor Play Area

If you are looking for some fun-filled games for your play area, search no more! Kinderena has brought you the indoor play area attractions in the form of Fun Boards, Fun Systems and I-Fun Modules. Carefully designed according to different age groups, these games make the parents’ life easier and the kids’ life entertaining.

The kids will have a day full of fun and thrill and the staff can focus on parents’ needs from your shopping Centre. All queries could then be entertained in detail without any disturbance from the little kids.

The vast variety of games are fully capable to engage the kids while other family members can complete the regular chores along with keeping an eye on their kids playing in the strategically located play area.

1.     Safe Playing Equipment for Kids

As all the games are made keeping strict safety parameters in mind, no extra manual care is required for the safety of young children. All modules are BVQI certified for child safety and conforms IS9873 and EN71-73 toy safety standards.

These games are capable to provide all over development to little kids. They require complete mind and body coordination, thus giving them this "Grow while Learn Model".

Where it can be installed?

The games are perfect to be installed at any place, where kids are the part of regular visitors group. So be it a mall, shopping complex, hospital, play school, restaurant, hotel, or any other public area, you can have them anywhere and engage the kids in a positive manner.

Various Game Modules Available at Kinderena

Giving the modern touch to traditional games, the Fun Boards are available in wall mounting option, thus saving the maximum space of your place.

I-Fun is a kind of digital "touch and play" games where kids can touch the screen and it will respond accordingly. Most of the kids find it entertaining and would love to spend their time on these games.

The KIOSK has 4 sides which can be mounted with both the Fun Boards and I-Fun as per your preference. It will engage the group of children all at the same time.

More Reasons to have Kinderena Installed at your Place

•    Parents would love to take their children to this play area because it let them play, grow and learn with the safe and tested playing equipment. 

•    The kids will love to revisit your place again and again where they can be your real potential future buyers.

•    You can have the customised branding option in all Kinderena Games, thus making it visible and remembered for a long time.

•    The sales staff can focus more on customer needs and can explain the products better without any disturbance.

So, when Kinderena is giving you this many benefits, who not just install it at your place and improve customer retention in a positive way. Call +91 11 47002501 to know more.